Big Girl Tingz


Tomorrow marks the start of my second and final semester of grad school, and I’m both nervous and excited at the same time. Also, I guess you can say that I’m dreading it, too.

Firstly, I’m happy that it’s my final semester of school ever! How cool is that? I can finally say that it’s going to be my last semester after so many long, long years. I’ve spent so much of my life in school that I’m excited that this is going to be it! I can finally take on the real world … as scary as that is.

Taking on the real world is what’s making me nervous. I will be doing co-op, which is basically an extension of the real world, you know? I’m excited to get experience in my field, but I’m also nervous. I feel like I’m finally getting to put on my big girl pants for my first ever big girl job, because lezzzzbereal here, selling shoes for a living is just not a thing. Also one of the reasons I’m so excited to finally be done with school is to gtfo out of my part-time job.

For those of you who’ve stuck around since I started this blog know that I’ve been feeling undervalued recently, and those feelings still haven’t changed. Classic! Whatever. I’m just going to grind it out until May, which is when co-op starts, because once it does this girl is not going to jump down your throat to sell you that $250 Ugg or those $328 Michael Kors boots for the extra commission! Fuck, May just seems so far away from now. What I am going to do, though, is stack up on shoes that I’ll need for my big girl job to hold me over until I can justify buying them regular price instead of getting my employee discount.

At the start of each semester, I tell myself this is itThis time I’ll be a dedicated, dutiful student! And then after three weeks, I go back to doing my regular routine of dicking around. I’m just going to embrace it this time around. I know that deep down inside I am a procrastinator, and that is not going to change, so fuck that noise! I procrastinate, kill myself in the process, and still get good grades. As long as this continues to be the result, I see no reason why I should change this … right? Well, it’s not like I can since this is going to be the last semester of my life ever!

Real world, I am coming for you!!!

In like May, though, k?


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