Public Speaking Woes Pt I

So, I didn’t hyperventilate myself into a heart attack yesterday.

This week, we did speeches at the Allan Gardens, which is basically a fancy greenhouse that is incredibly massive. The thing with the Allan Gardens is that it’s out in public, out in the open and random people who are there to enjoy the day can listen in as you give your speech. Seriously, not the best thing in the world,

I also had to give my speech at the opposite end of the room …. ugh.

BUT, I will say that after all of the weird things that happened during the giving of the speech (pictures being taken of me at weird angles by prof, being interrupted every two seconds, etc.) it wasn’t so bad. Prof came up to me afterwards saying it was a good speech, well organized, structured properly, etc. so I felt good about myself.

Still not into it though.


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