The BGJ.


The thing about breaking into the adult world is finding what I like to call, the BIG GIRL JOB. Finding the BGJ, though, is difficult when Aria-post-finding-out-Ezra-is-A is channelling all of the feelings going through my body. Except, I don’t want to listen to music but watch Dirty Dancing all night long.

Finding the BGJ is especially difficult when you’re staring at your resume, your mind going completely blank. My resume is terribly underwhelming in comparison to the ones we’ve been shown in class, so I’ve been feeling a bit … unconfident. I just feel like everyone in my program has experience that I don’t have, which makes me feel inadequate. So, when I open up resume template after resume template, I start to feel like it’s pointless because there’s no experience there.

I know I’m most likely selling myself short, but I can’t help it. I guess everyone feels this way at one point or another, I just wish that something—anything would happen to give me the confidence I need. I will admit a part of me is nervous that I won’t get the BGJ because I am not what anyone is looking for.

Oh, BGJ, why you gotta do me like this?


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