Almost a Quarter of a Century


Last Wednesday, I turned 24. Turning 24 passed with little fan fare, not much drunken espionage as what I have been prone to do. I just spent a quiet weekend with my boyfriend and it was quite possibly one of my most favourite birthdays ever. Does leaving the partying behind mean that I’m taking another step closer to being a Big Girl (with a BJG)? Or, does it mean that I’m essentially an old lady?

Maybe calling myself an old lady is a bit of an extreme, but it does help me put things into perspective. Three, four years ago, I would have never pictured myself where I am now. Thinking back on it, I’m actually happy about it. If I was in law school right now, trust me, I would probably want to blow my brains out. I like the stage that I’m in now in my life, despite the fact that it took me a long time to accept it.

Turning 24 made me feel unaccomplished and the increasing amount of LinkedIn invitations from former high school classmates, and the many, many, engagement/first house photos popping up on my Facebook newsfeed, definitely added to that feeling of inadequacy that I was speaking about in my last post. Everyone moves at their own pace, I know that, it definitely didn’t stop those feelings though.

Honestly, I didn’t really get over it, but I accepted it. I’m happy with where I am because I’m in a learning process of trying to figure out who I am and what I mean to such a big world.


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