We were all rooting for you


I know I’ve been absent this entire month, and I don’t know what else to say except I apologize. I’ve been itching to post on here, but every time I think I should … I hesitate. I come back and I look at the posts I’ve made on this blog recently, and they’ve all been … whiney. Whining about my struggles with school, with my inability to find a job, etc. And, when I do want to post, all I can think to post about is how hard I’ve been struggling with finding a job after finishing my last days of school. I didn’t want to come back and bitch and whine again, so I didn’t.

Instead, I immersed myself in books and have kept up my book blog and devoured book after book. In retrospect, I guess I was looking for a way to escape the shittiness that I drowned myself in and I only have myself to blame.

I don’t want to continue to whine and bitch on this blog—it’s not why I created it in the first place. And so, I give you Tyra. Every time I want to bitch and whine about how hard life is for me while I sit on my ass, reading book after book, I will look at Tyra. Because, I feel like a part of me has given up … and every time I see this gif I get scared shitless. Man, that episode was fucked and I have never seen her yell like that.


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