Friday Night … Sighs is a blog about a tiny Asian girl named Ivy, trying to figure out where to go in life, and at the same time trying not to get bogged down by everything socially constructed in this world.

20131228_112441WHO is she? She is a twenty-something young lady, living in and around the Toronto area. Recently finished an undergraduate degree in political science, and caught in the ever popular phrase what now? Even though she is frequently thinking about the future, she does spend more time being in the ever-present here and now. Presently, she is employed to sell designer shoes, which is quite fitting for someone who is such a shoeaholic. Being a shoeaholic also means being a shopaholic, which is proven to be such a disaster since shopper’s remorse is very rarely felt. (Yikes!) She is also a bookworm, has a love for baking but—surprisingly—fails at cooking … sigh.

This is her first attempt at blogging, so hopefully it does not end in a complete disaster! (Humble apologies in advance!) This blog will contain all her thoughts and ramblings, which hopefully is not quite so boring. Being a bookworm, this blog will also house her reviews/rants about the recent books that she’s read. And, as a frequent movie goer there will be lots of thoughts around recent movies that she’s seen.

Hopefully, you enjoy your perusing of Friday Night … Sighs!


One thought on “About

  1. Hi 🙂 i see that we have so much in common, I’m Asian, a book worm and I love the crazy stuff that happens on friday nights haha

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