Big Girl Sighs

Have you ever … felt like shit? Not like the typical, you had a bad day because things didn’t turn out as you had expected kind of shit. The disappointment kind of shit. Where you thought you did something well and found out otherwise, and now you can’t stop second guessing yourself type of shit. […]

The BGJ.

The thing about breaking into the adult world is finding what I like to call, the BIG GIRL JOB. Finding the BGJ, though, is difficult when Aria-post-finding-out-Ezra-is-A is channelling all of the feelings going through my body. Except, I don’t want to listen to music but watch Dirty Dancing all night long. Finding the BGJ is especially […]

It’s Friday Night, Back to School Edition!

It’s friday night, are you sighing yet? Yes, yes, I am so happy this week is over. I will make no excuses for not posting last week. As you can probably tell from the title that I’m back in school! I started last week, and this week was my first ~official~ week of classes. I’m […]